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Which boards will be suitable for your home?

If you care about the elegant looks of your home interior, then you should also pay attention to detail. It is extremely important as it influences the general result. When making wooden floor or laying floor panels, you should choose the right skirting boards. They are the best choice when it comes to finishing the floor, and a wide range of design and colour makes them match perfectly any interior.

Wooden skirting boards are suitable for floors made of wooden planks or panels. They are usually made of pine wood and painted with woodstain to make them look fine. The boards may also be milled decoratively. It is possible to replace the natural wood boards with MDF skirting boards, i.e. made of raw MDF boards varnished into the desired colour. They may also be milled. If the result is to be impressive, you can choose boards of premium quality. They bear decorative stripes coloured as chosen by the customer. The modern interior will go well with premium quality boards finished with silver, gold or black brushed aluminium.

The boards are tailor made and RAL coloured as well as they are available to buy by the metre.
If you haven’t made a decision on what kind of boards to choose, those are the most popular options.
A wide range of products we have on offer will enable you to select the right thing both for the minimalist and classical interiors. If you are finishing the floor, make sure you go for the most suitable skirting boards. Only then can you speak of the beautiful effect.We are a new company but we develop dynamically our potential and offer and we can help you to truly enjoy the beauty of your home. Skirting boards are a popular way of making your home look elegant, which fulfils the needs of the demanding customer.

With our boards, you will accentuate the beauty of any interior. Lest should the room look artificial, boards may be used as door or window lining, which will give it a coherent and elegant appearance.

We can paint all our products into matching shades and maintain the overall good impression.
As a baseboard manufacturer we offer a wide range of products to suit every taste: from neutrally coloured wooden skirting boards to those glowing with delicate lights.
Finishing the room with white skirting boards improves the appearance of the room and helps to accentuate its style.
Our products are very durable and you can enjoy your beautifully finished interior for many years to come.

Skirting boards not only add beauty to your home but also are very practical in that they keep the walls clean. They can also be combined to create an original design. You can choose the colours you like from the RAL or NCS range.